Track Lighting

Track lighting is a convenient and versatile way to provide function or accent lighting in any room. The flexibility and functionality of track lighting allows you to achieve the mood or presentation you desire simply by pointing the spot light fixtures or heads where you want them. Easily modify can lights to track lights in minutes. See how easy it is to install The Can Converter.

Track lighting options

Track standard, or type of track

The track is the part of the track light that is attached to the ceiling or wall and is the part that the track lights are installed onto. There are many different track standards/types including HaloJuno and Lightolier. Not all track lights fit all track types so be sure the track lights and track are compatible.

Track light power source

1- Plug in track light

Some track lighting systems have a cord to simply plug into an existing outlet which requires no electrical wiring, however must be placed near an outlet.

2- Electrical junction box track light

This track light system offers a more professional, or designer look with no exposed wiring, but requires electrical connections be made at a junction box to install.

Track Lighting Types

Line-voltage track lights

Line-voltage track lights work with the standard voltage found in electric junction boxes and outlets (120V). The line-voltage track lights are generally less expensive, but consume more power than low-voltage track lights. These track light fixtures do not require a transformer, making the base which connects to the track a lot smaller, however the track light heads are larger in size compared to low-voltage track lights. Because they do not use a transformer, line-voltage track heads use a different set of lamps or light bulbs than low-voltage fixtures.

Low-voltage track lights

The low-voltage track lights generally cost more but produce whiter light and consume less power. Low-voltage track lights operate at 12V and each comes with an integral transformer to convert the 120V line-voltage to 12V. Low-voltage track heads can be smaller while still putting out a comparable amount of lumens to larger line-voltage heads.

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