Recessed Lighting

Recessed Lighting Design

Lighting is always a key element when designing the function and style of your space. If you are considering installing recessed lights for your kitchen or bathroom, or maybe for your outdoor deck, or maybe even emergency/egress lights, here are some tips to help you in your recessed lighting choices.

Recessed Light Fixture Housing Types

  • Ceiling Insulation (IC for insulated ceilings, either IC or non-IC for non insulated ceilings)
  • Bathrooms or Kitchens (areas subject to moisture) require a UL/CUL housing.
  • Energy Efficient, air tight housing.
  • Fire rated housings have covers empty spaces in housing with fire resistant insulation. This is also helpful for acoustics and thermal energy savings.
  • Commercial housings allow for higher light output and come in larger sizes for larger spaces.
  • Firebox housings are UL classified and are for fire rated ceilings. This is important in keeping the integrity of the structure in case of a fire.
  • EZ Barrier fire rated housings offer a 1 hour fire rating (be sure this housing meets your fire rating specs.)

Light Bulb Choices For Recessed Lighting

  • Standard Incandescent (A bulbs) for day to day use
  • R Incandescent Bulbs
  • Halogen Bulbs
  • Compact Flouresent & Fluorescent Bulbs for energy efficiency.
  • Low Voltage

Recessed Lighting Design Cautions

Never space your recessed lights too close together, and always make sure the size you choose is right for the space they will be in. Always make sure you are using the right light fixture for the purpose in which you are intending. If you are trying to light up a focal point for example, use an adjustable eyeball fixture which can be aimed at the object you are attempting to light. Know which trims work for which purposes. Always check placement and determine whether you need one or more fixtures for the task you are trying to meet. If you are ever unsure, always get an expert opinion.

Recessed Light Installation

Typically installing recessed lights are a breeze, however depending on where they will be going and what you are trying to accomplish will determine how easy the installation will be. If you are not familiar with your homes construction, always seek professional help. Get advice from an expert on parts, trim, special concerns like wiring, code, bulbs, housings, etc.

Also remember, if you need to convert an old light fixture to accommodate something new, The Can Converter recessed light conversion kit can help. See how easy our adapter is to install.

Here are a few recessed light fixture retailers:

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