Bathroom Light Fixtures

Simply adding a new light fixture to your bathroom can dramatically change the way your bathroom looks and feels. Whether your bathroom is large or small, proper lighting can significantly improve the functionality and the mood of any bathroom. If you are wanting to remodel your bathroom but are not financially ready for that kind of investment, simply change the light fixtures and see what a difference adding updated, quality lighting can make. The Can Converter is a simple way to convert those old recessed and can lights to a more updated light fixture.

What light fixture is appropriate for my bathroom?

When deciding on the appropriate light fixture for your bathroom, ask yourself- What do I want to accomplish with my lighting? How do I want to feel when I’m in my bathroom? There are many choices when it comes to bathroom lighting fixtures, however you can narrow it down when you have determined how and where you want your lights to function and what mood you desire as well as the general bathroom design style you are going for.

Contemporary or Modern bathroom lighting fixtures

Contemporary and/or modern bathroom light fixtures add a more updated, current look. Although contemporary styles typically have softer, more rounded lines than typical modern design. See examples of contemporary and modern lighting styles at Form Function Contemporary Lighting.

Light fixtures for your bathroom ceiling.

Ceiling light fixtures in a bathroom can include pendant lightstrack lights, as well as recessed and can lights. Typically ceiling light fixtures in a bathroom help set the tone. Pendant lights and recessed or canned lights provide indirect light that can add a glow to the room and help soften the atmosphere whereas track lights are more task oriented for functionality purposes. Any ceiling light can be soothingly obsequious, while still being bright enough to be useful in your bathroom.

Vanity bath light fixtures

Vanity bath light fixtures generally offer a brighter, more focused lighting in order to help you see better while shaving, applying make-up and other tasks that are done directly in front of the mirror. However keep in mind that you can add more indirect accent pieces near the vanity to soften and add warmth.

Discount bathroom lights

Here are some helpful links to companies that offer discounted bathroom lighting.

When choosing light fixtures for your bathroom always remember, your bathroom is your sanctuary. Also keep in mind that using the right bathroom light fixtures can make your bathroom feel like a day spa while still providing the functionality you need to get ready for your day or night. You can have both! The Can Converter can help transform your bathroom by modifying old light fixtures to work with newer types of light fixtures. See what we can do for your bathroom lighting needs.

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