Contemporary Lighting

What is Contemporary Lighting?

Contemporary lighting is a term for lighting with a more modern flair or a more updated look and feel. Contemporary styles are typically more industrial in appearance combining form and function. Typically sleek and streamlined structure and oftentimes include geometric shapes for shades and bases.

Contemporary lights in your home or office.

Today contemporary lighting is used in almost every room of a modern style home and in offices as well. Whether it’s the bathroomoutdoors, in your dining room or kitchen, contemporary lights can help modernize and create a more updated look and feel. You can add a contemporary ceiling fantrack lightpendant light, or even recessed light fixture to give your space that updated appearance you’ve been wanting.

We recommend that you begin by determining which rooms you want to add the contemporary lights to, then where you need them placed for the look or function you desire. For example, if you are looking for a light that adds ambiance and/or task lighting in a room, you will want to look into contemporary style wall lights or track lighting. However if you are looking at accenting a desk in your office, you may want to look into contemporary accent lamps.

Here are some sites that offer contemporary lights and design ideas:

If you need to convert an old canned or recessed light into a more contemporary, updated light fixture, see how The Can Converter can help.