Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures, Not Just for Security Anymore.

No longer look at outdoor lighting strictly as security for your home and say bye, bye to the boring flood lights of the past. Today outdoor lighting sets the stage for the entire landscaping of your yard as well as helps to provide safety and security. When you realize this, it opens up many possibilities for your decks, patios, walkways and garden areas of your outdoor sanctuary.

Outdoor Ceiling Fans and More for Your Decks and Patios.

Decks and patios are a great place to relax, eat a meal, read and enjoy the splendor of your backyard oasis. Adding something as simple as an outdoor ceiling fan can change the way your deck or patio feels. It adds the comfort of a cool breeze, style & functionality. No need for a fan? You can also utilize a hanging pendant light for a more contemporary, modern feel or simply add a unique wall light for ease of entering and exiting the deck or patio area at night.

Home Light Fixtures for Your Walkways & Gardens.

Residential yards can have a professional, architecturally designed feel without the large expense simply by adding the right outdoor light fixtures yourself. Here are some tips for walkways and garden areas.

  • To show off your garden, trees, & shrubs add direct lighting from below making shadows and textures to add drama to your grounds.
  • For statues simply add direct lighting from above to bathe them in gentle yet focused lighting.
  • Add lighting to your pond to make it glow from within.
  • Include motion-sensor lights for added security.
  • Place lights along walkways to welcome visitors, for safety, and for ambiance.
  • Place auto-dimmer lights near doorway and walkways to welcome guests with a gentle glow that also provides safe passage.

What to Think About When Buying or Replacing Outdoor Lights

  • Low voltage lights vs. traditional line voltage- Easier to install and more energy-efficient.
  • Overuse – Don’t over do it. Too many lights will take away from your home’s look and feel.
  • Solar lighting – Energy efficient and flexibility to move lights often.
  • Make a plan – Map out your yard, determine how many lights and what type and style before you go shopping.

Outdoor Lighting Resources

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